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Jose Carlos Capel talking about Floriano and Isabella.
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Autumn Menu 2017

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The new menu introduces our first Salento’s gustatory map.
There is a constant research for an endemic taste of our territory, full of history and humble wisdom.
We try to pick up these messages and serve them according to our style, our vision and the right irony that you know.

We are waiting for you in the dining room.

Ein Prosit 2017

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Ein Prosit
From the 19th to 22nd October 2017

Join Floriano for a dinner and a cooking class.
We look forward to seeing you.

more details here.

Forever Young

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From 23rd to 25th June
Floriano will be the guest at “Il sentiero del Gusto” event.
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Tomato, a draft submitted at LSDM 2017 event, Paestum

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descriptive video of the tomato’s project
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Art Direction / Luigi Partipilo
Cinematographer / Dalila Miggiano

Fontegro, Kiev

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From 27th to 30th March

Floriano and Giovanni will introduce the tomato’s theme.

Salento just landed at Kiev.

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