Among the 5 young chefs are the future BotturaCraccoCannavacciuolo. But even no. Because their identity is already precise. They don’t have to inspire themselves to others, but they have only to express their potential. In fact, before the 30 years, they have received important awards, entering for merit in the gourmet routes of Belpaese.

Floriano Pellegrino – Bros (Lecce).

The second chef crowned by Forbes is Floriano Pellegrino, that we can find in Lecce, at the Bros’ restaurant. He also did important experiences abroad (including the experience with the iconic spanish chef Martin Barasategui), and then returned home to pour into his dishes all the essence of Salento. Following the motto “think global, act global” and “the essential is visible to taste”, Pellegrino looks to the countryside with a pop-bucolic eye, to extract dishes like endive, almond and bergamot or quail, plum, green beans.